About CodeSecure

CodeSecure™ is a static source code analysis platform that leverages third generation software verification technologies to identify web application vulnerabilities throughout development. Our web-based solution provides automated compiler-independent code analysis that models tainted dataflow within the application. Reports pinpoint vulnerable code locations and offer prioritized remediation guidance.

About Armorize

Armorize Technologies provides a comprehensive solution to web malware, malvertising, and web application security which detects, mitigates, and prevents web malware, while facilitating the remediation of vulnerabilities in web application source code. The Armorize anti-malware solution integrates web malware injection & malvertising monitoring, alongside static source code analysis and WAF technology to deliver flexible and efficient end-to-end Web application security safeguarding against web malware. Headquartered in San Francisco, CA, with its R&D center in the Nan Kang Software Park in Taipei, Taiwan, Armorize has a global customer base with clients among finance, telecom, government and technology sector leaders.


Scan-Time validation

Assess and validate vulnerabilities as they are found. No need to wait for the scan to finish.

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Vulnerability search

Easily search vulnerabilities using common filters or build your own query using the search bar.

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Easily assess and validate vulnerabilities

Step through the vulnerability traceback and review the source code then assess the vulnerability as "Valid", "False Postive", or "Needs Review".

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